Last weekend of October I got to soak up all those fall vibes with Montse and Tyler before Colorado turns into a winter wonderland. Let me spill the beans on why fall sessions totally rock and why I might be a bit obsessed with this season – it’s just so damn cool.

Picture this: golden leaves everywhere, aspens showing off their golden game, and cozy evenings that practically demand fuzzy socks and warm drinks. Yup, that’s what fall is all about. So, when I hung out with Montse and Tyler for this session, I knew we were about to capture some serious magic. The air was getting that chill, but their connection? It was warming everything up. That golden sunlight streaming through the trees was like nature’s spotlight on these two lovebirds, and let me tell you, my camera was living its best life. As we wrapped up the day, I couldn’t help but feel like we’d bottled up a piece of autumn’s awesomeness to enjoy all year round. 🍂

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